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againstnature's Journal

Alchimie du Verb
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Do you like pretty things?
Do you read insatiably?
Do you wish you were living in the 1890s wishing you lived in the Middle Ages?
Or for that matter, do you wish you lived in the 1920s-40s?
Anytime but now?
Do you believe in art for art's sake?
Would you rather self-identify as decadent, surrealist, aesthete, dadaist, or dandy then any current subculture?
Is Des Esseintes your personal hero?
(Do you even know who Des Esseintes is?)
How about Baudelaire, Dostoyevsky, Rimbaud, or Oscar Wilde?
Are you obsessed with religion or religious symbolism without necessarily believing in it?
Do you like Catholicism 'cause it's so darn pretty?
Are you prententious?
Are you constantly trying to escape your ennui or weltshmerz?
Do you, nevertheless, find all of this a little silly?
If so, you should join my community, and talk of whatever you will.